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A Nominating Committee is struck and nominations for Directors are presented for election at the June Annual General Meeting for the upcoming season.

Directors for 2015 - 2016 in the Northumberland Hills Stitchery Guild are :

  • Director Chairperson
  • Mrs. Jill Walkingshaw
  • Director Education (Programme)
  • Mrs. Barbara Kershaw
  • Director Information, & Advertising
  • Mrs. Sandra Oerlemans
  • Director Treasurer
  • Mrs. Sheila McCoy
  • Director Recorder (Secretary)
  • Mrs. Jennifer Mitchell
  • Director Membership
  • Mrs. Anne Shields
  • ONN Representative
  • Mrs. Patricia Noble
  • Librarian / Archives
  • Mrs. Eva McCormack
  • Refreshments
  • Members, per roster
  • Web Editor
  • Mrs. Sheila McCoy



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